Sold: Arboga Vertical Milling Machine

Arboga U2508 Vertical Miller. U2508 Vertical Miller. A high-class Swedish machine with power feed to the 22” x 10” table that has 6.5 inches of cross travel and longitudinally of 15.5 inches with travel measurements by an Ortec 3-axis DRO. The U2508 is the heavier, more robust Arboga miller introduced during the 1970s. The vertical head swivels and holds a No.3 Morse taper spindle in a quill with a travel of 5.5”. Spindle feed is controlled by both a fine-feed handwheel and a quick-action lever for drilling. Maximum nose to table distance 20" and eight speeds from 100 to 2900 r.p.m. This Arboga has the all-important threaded nose-retainer and associated tool-retaining washer - as well as a Clarkson Autolock chuck, a Jacobs drill chuck, a range of T-nuts, a pair of really useful stepped clamps, the maker's Operation and Parts Manuals and custom-made splash guards. The machine is run from a  Boost 3 h.p. 1-phase to 3-phase converter - and this is included in the sale. This is a compact, strong, very well-constructed and versatile milling machine.



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