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Sold: Colchester Chipmaster Lathe 5.75 x 20 inch Imperial

For Sale: Colchester Chipmaster variable-speed lathe. Fully refurbished and fitted with electronically controlled variable speed drive. Complete with 3-jaw, 5-inch chuck, 4-jaw Independent chuck; the correct half-depth body 8-inch independent 4-jaw chuck; a 270mm diameter faceplate; a new " Dickson " style (RDG) tool post and 3 tool holders; 1-16 mm keyless tailstock chuck and a revolving centre. All chuck and budget door lock keys are included .This is an extensively updated Chipmaster with bed serial number FG / 6620, one of the later batches to be produced circa 1975/76. Now in very good, serviceable condition ready for work.The lathe is now operated via 240-volt single phase, 8 Amp ( household suppy) to a 3-phase 1.5 hp infinately-variable speed inverter. A front-mounted control box houses the low voltage (12-Vvolt DC) control  that contains the Emergency Stop, forward and reverse, stop/start buttons plus a speed-control potentiometer and a white LED Mains-on" button . The maximum and minimum speeds plus the dynamic electric braking can be reset via the VFD main controller.  The maximum speed is set to about 1500 r.p.m. and this can, of course, be altered. The original headstock control lever has been removed as all the controls are now electronic. The lathe, whilst rebuilding, has been lightened by at least 100 kgs with the removal of the redundant control system and associated motor/variator and heavy cast iron motor mount. Originally purchased as a lockdown project, this Chipmaster had been in long-term storage and has received many hours of carefully considered work. The saddle gearbox was found to be cracked, one of the  gears had  broken a tooth - the whole unit was replaced with a spare gearbox which was in very good condition .The lathe base has been shot blasted and repainted whilst the fibreglass end cover was rubbed down and resprayed .The remaining castings were hand painted with Paragon enamel paint. The headstock and feed gearboxes were drained, flushed and then refilled with the correct oils. The drain plugs were updated with magnetic cores. All oil nipples were replaced and additional ones added to the tailstock and compound slide. All bed wipers were replaced with additional ones added to the tailstock.The cross slide has about .005" backlash, which could be ellimated with a refurbished leadscrew and nut or maybe accomodated via a DRO system. The tailstock travel markings are unclear for the first 35mm; a spray-mist coolant system has been installed and a service manual and VFD documents are included with the sale plus spare oils .The whole will be strapped to a pallet ready for collection and a fork-lift truck is available for loading . Details of Chipmaster lathes here



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