Sold: Cromwell 3.5” x 30” High-precision Lathe

For Sale: Cromwell 3.5” x 30” backgeared and screwcutting high-precision lathe. Screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and variable-speed drive. Mounted on the maker’s underdrive cabinet stand with a single-phase motor, push-button starter and a Dewhurst reversing switch. Two 3-jaw chucks, T-slotted faceplate, a set of turning tools, tailstock chuck, light unit, rev counter and various small parts. The original private owner of this superb lathe was Sir Thomas Ralph Merton KBE, DSc, FRS an English physicist and inventor. A letter from him to the maker (reproduced below) and other paperwork survives. In 1946 this Cromwell retailed for £450, then the price of a decent family house.  £850 Full details of Cromwell lathes here



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United Kingdom
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