Sold: Dore Westbury vertical milling machine.

For Sale: Dore Westbury vertical milling machine. Highly versatile, the No.2 Morse taper head can be moved in and out, swivelled, moved up and down and swung in an arc. The quill has both a fine and quick-action down-feed and comes with a Clarkson AutoLock chuck with Imperial collets, a Jacobs drill chuck and a selection of milling cutters. The table has inch graduated micrometer dials and a machine vice. This model is an early 3-speed version without the built-in epicyclical reduction gearing. Also included is a hoist and pulley (refer to photos)  to assist in raising or lowering the head. The miller is in full working order with a 1-phase motor. £475 Phone: 01372-388228 ((Leatherhead). Details of Dore Westbury milling machines here



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United Kingdom
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