Sold: Harrison 11 metal lathe


For Sale, Harrison "11-inch" lathe. 5.5" x 24" with detachable gap bed, full screwcutting and feeds gearbox, power cross feed and a spindle clutch. In good condition for its age with little bed wear and about 4 thou backlash in the cross slide and 10 in topslide. Complete on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash-back and the following accessories: taper-turning attachment, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, fixed steady, travelling steady, 4-way toolpost, thread-dial indicator, faceplate, catchplate, bed-mounted carriage stop, digital read-out on the tailstock spindle, the proper Low-Vo light unit, Morse-taper adapter bush for the headstock spindle and the chuck-removal and headstock spindle bearings spanners. Phone: 0747-1182510 after 2 pm please and ask for Graeme. Details of these Harrison lathes and their development here

​I can get a tractor or bobcat to lift the lathe on to a trail buy arrangement.

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