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Sold: Leinen MLZ4S high-precision Screwcutting Lathe

For Sale: Leinen MLZ4S high-precision lathe fitted with the maker’s special ‘Multiplicator’ screwcutting and feeds’ gearbox. While ‘cosmetically challenged’, the lathe is in full working order - although engaging the slow-speed backgear needs a little encouragement. Driven by a 3-speed 415v 3-phase motor, the lathe has a 2-speed intermediate drive between motor and headstock. The backlash-free feed-screw dials are graduated to show 0.001" taken off diameter. The spindle bearings are likewise play-free. Included is a number of useful accessories including a good collection of 27 collets ranging from 1/16” – 7/8” in 1/32 increments (the 21/32 has short threads) and the collet drawtube; fixed and travelling steadies; a 5-inch Burnerd 3-jaw chuck with inside and outside jaws; a 4-inch 3-jaw chuck with inside jaws only; a Burnerd 8-inch independent 4-jaw chuck; a 9.5” ‘universal’ faceplate-cum-4-jaw chuck with four detachable chuck jaws; a 9-inch toolroom-class ‘faceplate’ with a matrix of threaded holes; two centres (mounted on collets for accuracy); a spare chuck backplate; aluminium catchplate and a set of changewheels (stored in their own compartment within the stand) to extend the threading range of the gearbox. It is fitted with a Dickson toolpost - but with only one toolholder. A lathes.co.uk manual is also supplied with additional drawings (sections through the gearbox) and various other details. Also included are a number of spare parts: main bearing bronzes, spindle, cross-slide feedscrew nut, tailstock (good barrel but damaged body where the feed nut fits – ideal for a lever-operated tailstock) and others. £1650 or offers. Details of Leinen MLZ4s lathes can be found here.



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