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Sold: Myford ML7 Model C7 Capstan with Tri-Lever Headstock

FOR SALE – a genuine Model C7 Myford ML7 Capstan Lathe, mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with chip tray and levelling blocks and still in its maker's paint finish. Fitted with the correct instant speed-change Tri-leva speed selector headstock, the proper bed-mounted 6-station capstan unit that indexes automatically to each station; the Myford screw-operated cut-off slide and the lever-operated collet chuck. The cut-off slide is fitted with the standard toolposts but a ‘quick-change’ toolpost is also included that I have used in place of the standard front toolpost. No too lholders are supplied as I ‘borrowed’ these when from my main ML7 - but there is 4-way toolpost as well.is  Single-phase 1/2HP motor and a ‘drum-type’ reversing switch. Everything operates well - there is a little backlash in the cut-off slide feedscrew - but the adjustable stops made this irrelevant -while the simple Oilite countershaft bearings might need replacing a few miles down the road. It comes with a selection of 42 MA99E ‘dead length’ collets, mainly Hardinge, including imperial and metric ‘rounds’ (one is in the chuck), 4 squares, 1 hexagon and some ‘ring’ collets– collectively these have significant value on their own. Some turret tooling is included, such as a roller box, a knurling tool that is adjustable to allow diagonal knurls to be made with ‘straight’ knurling wheels, but for many of the jobs I used it for I tended to make my tooling for holding taps and drills from standard 5/8” diameter steel and sometimes used the quick-change toolholder in the front position on the slide for ‘form’ tools and the rear toolpost for parting-off. The lathe is in very clean condition and ready for further work. Details of Myford Capstan lathes here



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