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Sold: Myford Super 7B Lathe 3.5" x 19"

Myford Super 7B 3.5 x 19in with gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox and power cross feed. Mounted on a Myford stand with deep chip tray and leveling blocks. Single-phase motor.

Machine No: SK143495.

Comes complete with:

  • 3 jaw 4in Pratt Burnerd chuck
  • 4 jaw chuck
  • 9in faceplate & 7in faceplate
  • Chuck backplate
  • Catchplate
  • Jacobs No34 chuck 2MT 1-13mm
  • Jacobs No32 chuck 2MT 0-3/8in
  • Jacobs No31B chuck 2MT 0-10mm, all with chuck keys
  • Live centre
  • Hard and soft centres
  • Thread dial indicator
  • Lathe carrier
  • Set Imperial Allen keys
  • 4-way toolpost plus single tool clamp, plus various boring bars, carbide and HSS turning tools
  • Set of centre drills
  • Jones & Shipman knurling tool
  • Oil guns and lubricant
  • Die holders plus range of metric & imperial dies
  • Tap wrenches plus range of metric & imperial taps
  • Fly cutters
  • Myford ML7 Lathe Manual by Ian Bradley
  • Range of slot drill milling cutters
  • Range of reamers

A spare motor is also available plus a range of other items including steel, aluminium and brass rod and engineering thermoplastic rod of various types and diameters. Details of Myford Super 7 lathes here



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