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For Sale: Naerok Morse-taper drill & Worksop Equipment

For Sale:
1) Top-of-the-range Naerok No.2 Morse taper drill. Has an unmarked, rack-and-pinion rise-and-fall tilting round table. In little-used condition and complete with a machine vice and drill chuck. 1-phase motor with push-button starter. £225

2) Draper 16-inch fret saw £55
3) Compound table with long X and Y travels. Ideal for mounting on a bench drill to convert it to a light-duty milling machine £150
4) Powerful, bench-mount screw press £45
5) Eclipse magnet table £125
6) Assorted other workshop equipment
Phone: 01275-472 949 (Failand)


Asking price: 
United Kingdom
Phone number: 
01275-472 949