Sold: Perfecto 3.5" x 18" Screwcutting Lathe

Perfecto 3.5" x 18" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting lathe in fine, original condition.  Little used, the Perfecto is a copy of the late-model Myford ML4 and comes with its original sale paperwork and brochures, a Burnerd 3-jaw chuck with internal and external jaws, the maker's countershaft with a single-phase motor, Dewhurst reversing switch and maker's chip tray. All the changewheels present as is a Jacobs tailstock chuck, a keyless tailstock chuck, faceplate and assorted lathe cutting tools There is also an alternative tool mount fitting directly onto the T-slotted cross slide. Details of Perfecto lathes here.


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United Kingdom
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