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For Sale: Pultra 15/90 Precision Lathe

Pultra 15/90R precision bench lathe bench mounted with storage drawers and drive system. This is the much larger Pultra and, being very expensive when new, very seldom found. Complete with screw-feed compound slide rest, tailstock with both screw and lever-feeds and a micrometer dial, a bed-mounted capstan unit and masses of capstan tooling and toolposts. The enclosed, underdrive system uses an infinitely variable speed 1-phase to 3-phase inverter with dial control of spindle speeds. Also included is a Pultra dividing head, a 5-inch 4-jaw chuck, 4-inch and 3-inch 3-jaw chucks, T-slotted faceplate and driving plate, a set of W20 collets with 35 imperial: 1/64" to 47/64", two square 3/16" and 5/16", two hexagon 0.117" and 0.375", fixed steady, four Coventry die heads with dies: 1/4-28, 1/4-26, 1/4-20, 3/16W, 5/16-W, 0BA, 2BA, 4BA, 6BA, the maker's Operation and Maintenance Manual, an incomplete screw-cutting adaptor with gears and many other small and useful items. This is a good, general-purpose precision lathe in full working order and ideal for a small workshop. Measurements: bed size 24", tray 38", bench 62" x 16" x 64". Only now selling as its function is duplicated by other lathes in my workshop. £1250 Phone: 077126-21587 or 01524-846829 (Lancaster) Details of Pultra 15/90 lathes here




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