Boxford and South Bend "9-inch" Changewheels & Tumble Reverse Gears

Changewheels (and metric to inch and inch to metric transposing gears) to fit Boxford and other South Bend 9-inch Clones (e.g. Ace, Hercus, Purcell, Smart & Brown Sabel, Blomqvist, Parkanson, Purcell, Sheraton, Storebro, etc). All are 18 D.P. with a 14.5-degree pressure andlge and 0.125" depth of tooth. They are 3/8" wide, have a 9/16" bore, and have a 1/8" keyway. The idler and compound gears (two gears on one shaft) are different: they have a 5/8" bore with no keyway and are fitted to a hardened bush held in place with a through bolt. Click in the "Teeth" box below to select the sizes you require. All original Boxford and South Bend gears were in cast iron. However, for 20t and below ours are in steel for greater strength and reliability.  Other Boxford gears are also listed including the "2-pin" gear that fits into the headstock pulley to provide part of the backgear mechanism. While most changewheels are kept in stock for same-day dispatch, non-standard gears (i.e never part of the original Boxford or South Bend set and especially prime numbers - except the 127 which is a standard gear in the metric transposing set - have to be made as one-offs and therefore cost more. The list of gears is every one used in the Boxford and South Bend sets - plus those we've been asked to make for some special purpose. While most are kept in stock, the 127/100 and 135/127 transposing gears are made in smaller batches and, if not listed, will be out of stock.

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