Boxford and South Bend "9-inch" Changewheels



Boxford South Bend Hercus Purcell Sheraton Smart & Brown Blomqvist Storebro South Bend Clones


9-inch Light Ten Sabel

Changewheels to fit Boxford and other South Bend 9-inch Clones (e.g. Hercus, Purcell, Sheraton, Smart & Brown Sabel, Blomqvist, Storebro, etc) All are 18 D.P. with a 14.5-degree pressure andlge and 0.125" depth of tooth. They are 3/8" wide, have a 9/16" bore, and have a 1/8" keyway.

The idler and compound gears (two gears on one shaft) are different: they have a 5/8" bore with no keyway and are fitted to a hardened bush held in place with a through bolt. Click in the "Teeth" box below to select the sizes you require.

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