Dufour 220, 221, 211N and 221R Milling Machines Manual




220 221 221N 221R

Machine types: 

Milling Machine


  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Parts Manual

Gaston Dufour 220, 221, 211N and 221R  Milling Machines: Operator's Instruction and Maintenance with Parts as Exploded Component Drawings and an Electrical Schematic. The original manual was printed on what appears to have been a heavy-duty lavatory paper - hence the text and drawings quality is only just acceptable. However, it includes: full details of the technical specification, copies of the maker's alignment charts, mounting of high-speed spindle and vertical head, spacing casting and drive assembly of the universal head, angular setting and swivelling settings of table, backlash elimination of longitudinal movement, double swivelling sliding spindle high-speed head, slotting attachment, setting the overload (safety device), mounting steadies fort horizontal work, adjustments: belt tension, play in universal head spindle and horizontal spindle, knee and cross slide locking devices, gib strips, steady bearings, lubrication, etc. Parts Manual and electrical diagram.


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