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Spartan Kadet (AVM 125) Lathe Operation Manual


AVM Spartan Spartan Kadet


AVM125 Spartan Kadet

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  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams

Spartan Kadet (AVM 125) Lathe (as also sold in various export markets as the AVM 125) Two Operation Manuals with sectional drawings through the main components, an electrical schematic and screwcutting data.
The two manuals are the original for the AVM125 with a V-belt drive headstock and a more complete addition for the all-geared-head Spartan Kadet - the two lathes appearing to be identical apart from their headstocks. Not the best of reproductions, but readable.

All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English. We ship world-wide to all destinations.

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