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Special Offer: Three Essential Workshop Books

Three essential books for the novice metalworker offered at a saving of £8.25 off the normal total price:

  1. The Amateur's Lathe
    A book in print since 1946, it assumes no prior knowledge and goes through all the basic and some advanced machining processes in a clear and logical way. Hence, it's an indispensable aid to the beginner - or even experienced turner. It includes such useful things as lathe design, the meaning of technical terms, names of lathe parts and how they relate to each other, how to choose a lathe, how to care for it, make adjustments, modifications and improvements. Included are details of how screwcutting and power feeds works and how to set up changewheels to provide a drive. Also included are charts for various pitches of leadscrew as commonly used on small lathes - one suitable for your lathe will certainly be amongst them.Various simple projects are also included with engineering drawings that allow some useful accessories to be made - rotating centre, 4-way toolpost, collet holder, tailstock threading die-holder, carriage length stop, etc. If you want to know about the fundamentals of lathe construction and use, how to set suitable turning speeds, how to sharpen tools, set tool angles, read micrometers and verniers, etc. - we always have copies in stock for immediate delivery. £12.75
  2. The Amateur's Workshop
    If you didn't take - or have forgotten about - metal-working lessons at school, this book explains a myriad of standard workshop procedures, the use of hand tools from simple but important things like the correct way to use a hacksaw and file to soldering, brazing and operations in the lathe. Normally £12.75
  3. Metalwork & Machining Hints and Tips
    A book covering other essential working techniques: Normally £9.75

For additional, more advanced literature see: http://www.lathes.co.uk/training/