For Sale: Astra L2/L4 Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine

Astra L2/L4 Milling Machine for sale with the maker's (very expensive) powered vertical head with 60mm of travel to the No. 2 Morse spindle, 1-phase motor with reversing switch. The miller was built in the 1970s but is still a current model - the motor for the horizontal drive is 1-phase.
Table 430 mm x 130 mm. Traverse 300 mm x 115 mm. Arbor to table 220 mm max. Arbor diameter 25.4 mm. Weight 140 - 155 kg. Reversing switch. MT2 spindle
Complete with a small horizontal rotary table with Myford thread. Boring head, MT2 in an original wooden box, several nuts, machine screws, spacers, drawbars, two T-nuts, odds and ends as pictured. Clare milling chuck, MT2 arbor with a spanner and Clare cutters. Clarkson Autolock Type S (miniature version).  Additional Clarkson-type milling cutters include slitting, spot face, boring, and thread cutting. MT2 hand reamer. A most useful epicyclic speed reduction has been added using a unit similar to that found on a Dore Westbury. The device operates at the original speeds or an approximately 9:1 reduction. The electrical system needs work before use. Please phone to discuss important details about the miller and the speed reduction unit. Full details of Astra Millers here.


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