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Asking price: £2,500.00

For sale is this ex-education Harrison M250 centre lathe.

280 mm - 11-inch swing

750 mm (30-inches between centres)

This is a 3-phase 415V machine with standard 16-amp 3-phase red plug.

Optional rubber feet included. Also includes emergency foot stop and lockable cabinet.

This lathe was originally purchased new in 1990 and has only had very rare use.Most original tools that came with the machine are still included and most of them unused. 

Location: London, United Kingdom

Complete drill or parts required for the above drill, please contact if you may have anything available. Will consider whole machine, working/not working or parts. Main gearbox housing was broken in transit so require the casting. Also pedal for foot switch, control knobs, lever for locking table in place. Distance not a problem, I can arrange collection.

Please contact Graham on 01856 888849 or

Location: Kirkwall, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,475.00

For Sale: a wonderful Ames “Triplex” Universal Machine Tool. Built in the United States by the Ames Company - well known for their high-precision machine tools - the “Triplex” can be used as milling machine, co-ordinate drill, horizontal borer and lathe. Very expensive when new - the price of a Chevy Roadster or three South Bend lathes - this example was originally owned by the British Tabulating Company (BTM) - makers of the mechanical “Bombes” used in the Colossus computer at Bletchley Park during WW2.

Location: Little Chalfont, United Kingdom

Looking for the following machines

1) SIP MP-3K jig borer, must be in excellent condition, tooled or untooled

​2) Sunderland 5B gear planer 

3) Gleason bevel gear planer, single tool template machine, 24" capacity or Gleason bevel gear generator, two tool machine, up to 12" capacity

Contact Andrew


Location: Brighton, United Kingdom

Wanted: Top guard cover hinge mechanism for a Fobco 10/8 drilling machine - it doubles as the belt- tensioning device.

Location: NAVENBY, United Kingdom
Asking price: £685.00

Britan Repetition lathe. These are fantastically versatile repetition lathes, can be very accurate with practice and are ideal for small batch production of parts. This machine comes with loads of collets and tooling. It is the best one because it has the large 1 1/4 ( 32 mm capacity). It's got bar feed and power feed. All was working when we took it out.

Location: Cambridge, United Kingdom

I'm after a copy of Andrew Smiths book "Cowells 90 lathe".

Condition is unimportant as long as it is legible.



Location: Sidcup, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,250.00

For Sale: Myford ML7 3.5" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting lathe in fantastic condition.

A very little used, late-model example with all the essential bed grinding marks intact. Mounted on a recent maker's stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks. 3-jaw chuck, tailstock chuck faceplate, catchplate, spare new chuck backplate, set of screwcutting changewheels, oil gun, etc. 1-phase motor with no-volt safety-release push-button switch.

Location: Stockton On Tees, United Kingdom

Wanted: I am looking for a Centec 2B in good order, with or without the table power feed - but must have horizontal overarm and arbor  for horizontal work.  Also looking for dividing head and tailstock, machine vice and rotary table for same, if possible.  Will cover all costs of packaging and shipping to Germany. Please  contact Hugh on 0049-21281-8305 or email:

Location: Solingen, Germany
Asking price: £750.00

Raglan 5 Inch. 5” x 24” backgeared, with screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and mounted on the maker's stand with a full-length splashback.

Location: Marlborough, United Kingdom
Asking price: £950.00

Myford Super 7 3.5” x 19” gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. In good condition with a fairly new Brook-Compton motor and very well equipped: lever-operated tailstock; five toolposts: 2.5” Dixon quick-set with 13 tool holders; original 4-way; a “Gibraltar” type fixed tool post (replaces compound slide, making big cuts possible); the original rocker tool post. A few tools including 95° and 60° insert tools. Rear parting tool with blade. HBM 100 mm 3-jaw chuck, HBM 150 mm independent 4 jaw chuck, both new 5 years ago (and lathe in storage 3 years since then), little used.

Location: Marlborough, United Kingdom

Hydraulic spinning lathe (Leifeld PLB or similar) and/or large manual spinning lathe required for young metal spinning company based in Hampshire.

Location: Portsmouth, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,100.00

26" x 6.25" table. Machine in fine working order and complete with vertical milling head and horizontal arbour with overhead arm. 6 direct and 6 back gears provide a range of speeds from 50 to 1660 RPM.The machine has just a little cosmetic 'wear and tear' to paintwork but the table is in excellent condition with no gouges or chips. All slideways are very smooth and free from slack.  The power drive feeds the X traverse with options of slow/medium/fast traverse.The vertical head rotates through 360 degrees.

Location: Dursley, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,550.00

SOLD  Tom Senior M1 Vertical / Horizontal Milling Machine with a power-feed table 26" x 6.25" and in full working order. The example is the most versatile version of the M1 and fitted - on the maker's special bracket - with the superb "S-Type" vertical head with an independent motor and a No. 2 Morse taper spindle with both fine feed by worm-and-wheel gearing and a quick-action drilling feed by rack-and-pinion.

Location: Rugby, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,750.00

Myford ML7B lathe 3.5” x 20 gap-bed, backgeared with screwcutting gearbox and mounted on the maker’s cabinet stand with chip tray and levelling blocks. A late-model example (with a fully-machined saddle top) this ML7 is in superb, little-used and original condition.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £150.00

Portass backgeared lathe around 3” x10” with backgear and mounted on a cast-iron treadle stand. This early example of the classic Portass lathe has never been motorised and consequently is in remarkable good, original condition. As this was in the very long-term ownership of my father I’d like it to go to a good home. £150 or offers.

Location: United Kingdom

Holbrook lathe Model Types H13, H15, H17, H20 or the "Marquis". Absolutely anything considered, anywhere. Also sought: Holbrook accessories and literature, etc.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £950.00

Centec 2A vertical and horizontal miller mounted on the larger of the two maker's full cabinet stands. Complete with the swivelling Mk. 3 vertical head with a No. 2 Morse taper quill and both fine and quick-action quill feeds (both along the spindle axis allowing great versatility in setting). Complete with all the horizontal equipment: overarm, drop bracket and two arbors--one full length the other a stub type. The table has both fine-feed screw and quick-action lever feeds (the latter a later type with a quick-release fitting).

Location: Ledbury, United Kingdom
Asking price: £2,200.00

Boxford STS 10.20 Industrial geared-head lathe 5" x 20" with hardened bed. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with a full-length splash back and locking storage cupboard this lathe is in a metric specification and driven by a high-quality Seimens inverter giving variable-speed drive from a single-phase supply.  Power sliding and sutfacing feeds and a fully enclosed safety leadscrew. Spindle has a D1-3 CamLock fitting and a 35 mm bore and has its spindle nose adaptor intact.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £2,500.00

For Sale: Tom Senior E-Type vertical milling machine table 6.5" x 28". This beautifully made and compact milling machine is equipped with a 3-axis DRO and a Newton-Tesla variable-speed drive controller. The "S-Type" head can be swivelled and has both fine and quick-action feeds to the No.2 Morse taper quill. Equipped with a collet chuck and collet set, table clamping set, machine vice, light unit and some other fittings. Buyer to arrange collection but can be loaded onto suitable transport. Contact Malcolm on for further details. Located in Oxfordshire and can be viewed by appointment.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £375.00

Granville Senior Lathe 4" x 20" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. The lathe is in excellent working order - it was bought by my late father over 25 years ago - and has been used to make a number of  model steam engines. However, at some point prior to his ownership the headstock bearing cap was welded--but this has had no effect at all on the accuracy. The lathe is mounted on a good metal stand with cupboards and has a built-on all V-belt drive countershaft, 1-phase motor, guarded changewheels and a headstock belt cover.

Location: Brough, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,550.00

Myford Speed 10 lathe 3.25 x 18" backgeared and screwcutting mounted on the maker's stand and in immaculate, little-used condition This is the top-of-the-range, metric-specification ML10 with a roller-bearing headstock, 12 spindle speeds from 48 to 2000 r.p.m. and the late-type built-on countershaft unit  However, this example is fitted with a Newton-Tesla variable-speed 1-phase to 3-phase drive unit and motor that gives variable-speed drive between and beyond these nominal limits.

Location: Woking, United Kingdom
Asking price: £2,950.00

The UWG 2 is both larger and more substantial than its predecessor, the UWG1, with a 4 inch / 100 mm diameter column. The machine consists of: baseplate and column fitted with a compound slide rest with screw-operated cross and vertical feeds plus the option of lever-operated vertical feed by the use of a clutch. The column can be swivelled in its socket against a graduated scale.

Location: London, United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,750.00

Warco GH 1322 Lathe mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with slide-out chip tray and a full-length splash back. 1-phase electrics, metric graduations and an excellent specification including: screwcutting and feeds gearbox, a fully guarded leadscrew power sliding and surfacing feeds, spindle control by a third lever from a handle on the carriage, foot brake and micrometer dials on the tailstock and carriage handwheels. The lathe is in full working order having had only very light use only since new 5 years ago.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £475.00

Portmac Vertical Milling Machine. Table 15" x 4" with 8 inches of longitudinal travel and 5 inches across. Milling head has 8 inches of coarse vertical travel and 1/1/2  inches of travel in fine feed. With the single phase motor fitted plus push button starter there are 3 spindle speeds available: 375, 750 and 1600 rpm. Provided with one ½ inch collet that fits into the spindle nose. A compact, strong and useful small milling machine.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £980.00

Boxford 4 1/2" x 24" AUD Mk. 2 lathe metric-specification with screwcutting gearbox, power sliding and surfacing feeds, single lever engagement of backgear, spindle lock and mounted on the maker's underdrive stand with a splash-back and levelling feet. An ex-school machine with chuck guard and emergency foot stop switch. Very well equipped with: six chucks comprising a  4.5-inch self-centring 6-jaw, 5-inch Elliott 3-jaw, Pratt 4-inch 3-jaw, 4-inch TOS independent 4-jaw, 6-inch independent 4-jaw and a Morse taper No. 3 ER40 collet chuck (less collets).

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £1,350.00

Myford Super 7 lathe 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and screwcutting. The ML7R is the Super 7 but less the clutch and fitted with ML7 cross and top slide units.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £175.00

A Swedish-built 6" x 32" Luna SP800 Wood-turning lathe mounted on the maker's stand. 1-phase electrics. Little used and in perfect working order. This lathe offers a lot of capacity on a compact footprint.

Location: United Kingdom
Asking price: £550.00

Professional quality Startrite Model 14-S-5 bandsaw. 14-inch throat, 19-inch square table, 10 inches maximum beneath the guides and 5 speeds. 1-phase electrics with push-button starter and isolation box. In perfect, lightly-used order.

Location: Whitstable, United Kingdom