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Boxford and South Bend "9-inch" Changewheels

Changewheels to fit Boxford and other South Bend 9-inch Clones (e.g. Hercus, Purcell, Sheraton, Smart & Brown Sabel, Blomqvist, Storebro, etc) All are 18 D.P. with a 14.5-degree pressure andlge and 0.125" depth of tooth. They are 3/8" wide, have a 9/16" bore, and have a 1/8" keyway.

The idler and compound gears (two gears on one shaft) are different: they have a 5/8" bore with no keyway and are fitted to a hardened bush held in place with a through bolt. Click in the "Teeth" box below to select the sizes you require.


Alligator Belt Lacing

A length of clip is hammered in at each end of the belt and joined with two sections of the special oval pin supplied - these being designed to work back-to-back. Alternatively, a length of nylon or red-fibre rod can be used. A detailed instruction sheet is supplied with each clip. "Alligator clips" are made in various sizes but five cover most belts in common use. All clips -  save for the No. 7 - are 11 inches long (the No. 7 is 6 inches long). The price shown is for a single strip complete with the special "dimpled" connecting pin. If in doubt, for advice phone: 01298-871633



Set of 3 Toyo ML1 belts made from round 5 mm diameter Swiss "Polycord:

Lengths: 255 mm and 285 mm and 350 mm

The set of 3 including material and 3 joins for £19.63 + VAT


Reversing & on-off Switch

Machine-tool class on-off and reversing switch (it can also be used as a simple on/off switch) with a maximum capacity is 5 hp. It will run either a 1-phase or 3-phase motor and is fitted in a neat box-type 64mm x 64mm x 57mm deep plastic enclosure easily attached to a suitable bracket or flat surface. Inside the housing the switch unit itself is cylindrical, very compact, and can be removed for insertion in another holder should this be necessary. Included are wiring instructions for all the common British makes of motor and also the modern cheaper "Machine Mart" type.


Naerok, NuTools & Warco Bandsaw Drive belt

Drive belt for the popular Naerok, NuTools and Warco branded bandsaws.
We have determined that the Naerok and NuTools versions had a belt 650, 660 or 680 mm long - it's important to check the length you need carefully and tick the right box.

Please take care to measure the belt and select the appropriate length below.

If at all in doubt about the length please phone: 01298-871633 from 09:00 to 21:00 for assistance and we will make a belt to your exact length at no extra cost.


Kennedy Hexacut Saw Belt

For the more-common Kennedy "Hexacut" Model 60 hacksaw the flat belt is normally 1" (25 mm) wide and 21.8" long (554mm) - however, because the size may have changed over the years it would be safer to measure your machine to get an exact figure. An accurate measurement can be taken around the pulleys with a fabric tape measure. Please put the details in the order comments' box.


Myford Super 7 & ML7R T-Link Drive Belts

Lengths of the correct section of T-link V-belt for the motor-to-countershaft and countershaft-to-headstock are available for all versions of the Myford Super 7 and ML7R lathes.  While the motor-to-countershaft belt always fits, the belt to the headstock spindle can sometimes be a problem for, depending upon which pattern the headstock casting came from, there might not be enough room to get the T-link belt onto the largest headstock pulley.


Hobbymat Motor Conversion

The usual problem with Hobbymat motors is a failure of the centrifugal switch or capacitor. We sell a kit for £21 + post + VAT that allows the motor to be converted to a much better "cap-start-cap-run" configuration - full instructions provided. The conversion allows the motor to start without the need for the troublesome centrifugal switch.