For Sale: Colchester Chipmaster Lathe

Colchester Chipmaster Lathe. A very low-hours 5.5" x 23" lathe with speeds from 35 to 3000 r.p.m. In perfect working order having had only light use in a research and development department. I bought the lathe in 2017 - but it's been unused since 2019 due to back trouble. It comes with a complete set of Burnerd Multi-size collets in their original box, Fixed steady, travelling steady, the original Burnerd 3-jaw chuck and correct half-depth body 8-inch independent 4-jaw chuck, recently-new 3 and 4-jaw chucks, a Dickson quick-set toolpost with parting and boring tool and 2 standard holders, fixed steady, travelling steady, coolant, multi-position carriage stop, faceplate, two tailstock chucks, tailstock rotating centre and standard centres. I've made a 60 and 16-hole dividing ring on the spindle end - an accessory that has been invaluable in making parts for my models - and a quick-action, lever-operated carriage lock. The lathe is driven from an expensive, high-quality 1-phase to 3-phase converter so all the electrics work as standard. Details of Colchester Chipmaster lathes here



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