Sold: Cowells 90ME Precision Miniature Lathe

Cowells 90ME Precision Miniature Lathe back geared and screwcutting and mounted on the maker's self-contained cabinet stand with a halogen light unit. The lathe is exceptionally well equipped with a fitted 5-drawer unit holding a range of genuine maker's accessories that includes a dividing unit with division plate, milling slide, Burnerd precision ring-scroll 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a  set of collets and a collet holder, fixed steady, faceplate, angle plate, two machine vices, rear toolpost for parting off,  3 tailstock chucks, "wobble" centre finder, V-blocks, drive dogs, 3 micrometres, dial callipers, two Dial-test units and a range of cutting and boring tools. Offered at £2750 - just the Cowells items alone have a current price list that exceeds £5564 including VAT  Details of Cowells lathes here



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United Kingdom
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