Sold: Myford ML7 Lathe

SOLD: Myford ML7 lathe 3.5"  x 19" with a genuine Myford taper turning attachment (in very good condition), an original "Sparey" screwcutting gearbox and the superior type of Super 7 tailstock. Mounted on the maker's stand with deep chip tray and levelling blocks. 240v single phase electrics.  Front and rear quick-change toolposts with 6 tool holders to fit both posts. Two 3-jaw chucks, 4-jaw chuck, catchplate, fixed steady, travelling steady and a thread-dial indicator. Has the traditional backlash in both cross and top-slide nuts but  overall is a very nice condition lathe with some expensive accessories. Can by tried and tested. Phone: 0777-3359536 Details of Myford ML7 lathes here



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United Kingdom
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