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Sold: Myford ML7R Lathe

For Sale: Myford ML7R - a near-mint condition, carefully used and one-family-from new example. 3.5” x 19” backgeared, gap-bed and screwcutting. The ML7R was, in effect, just a Super & fitted with late-type ML7 cross and top slides—though this example retains the Super 7 spindle clutch and is fitted with the later and larger zeroing micrometer dials.  Mounted on the maker’s cabinet stand with levelling blocks, a deep chip tray and an all-enveloping, full-length splash back and motor shield. Very well equipped with a Super Precision, adjustable Burnerd 3-jaw chuck, the correct half-depth body Burnerd independent 4-jaw chuck, a late-type double-bolt-per-axis swivelling milling slide complete with the correct machine vice, quick-set toolpost, rear toolpost, standard toolpost, fixed steady, travelling steady, high-speed milling spindle to mount on the top slide, quick-action, adjustable carriage stop, a set of screwcutting changewheels including one for super-fine carriage feeds, tailstock chuck, thread-dial indicator, handle to turn the spindle by hand, large faceplate, standard faceplate, catchplate, the proper maker’s oil gun, spindle-bearings adjustment spanner, Morse centres and a copy of the book “ Myford Series 7 Lathes”. Single-phase  motor with a safety No-volt release switch. £2250 Details of Myford ML7R lathes here



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