Sold: Myford Super 7BPXF

MYFORD SUPER 7BPXF LATHE 3.5" x 19" gap-bed, backgeared and fitted with a screwcutting gearbox, power cross feed and coolant. Mounted on the maker's cabinet stand with levelling blocks, a deep chip tray, a full-length (maker's) splash back with a tool tray and cork mats. In superb order as rebuilt by the original Myford company to as-new condition. Extras include a Myford quick-change tool post with 5 tool holders, plus the original single-tool holder, Myford milling attachment, with a V-block, 3-jaw chuck with both sets of jaws, 4-jaw chuck, thread-dial indicator, two backplates, tailstock drill chuck and key and a Myford plastic cover, Wanner oil gun, H32 oil, Harlingen indexible parting-tool set (Only one bit used), a set of Dormer drill centres, two sets of boring tools, a selection of cutting bits, Myford green touch up paint, tapering tool, tailstock die holder, Arrand boring tool holder, two Morse centres, knurling tool. Single-phase motor with factory wiring, a reversing switch and a No-Volt, safety-release, push-button starter. 



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North Kent
United Kingdom
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