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For Sale: Pultra 15/90 High Precision Lathe

For Sale: Pultra 15/90 high-precision lathe. This is the rare, larger Pultra with a 3.5" centre height and taking 20 mm through the headstock spindle. Mounted on the maker's underdrive, 9-speed Mardrive stand that gives 135 to 3265 r.p.m.. The lathe is complete with a screw-feed compound slide rest assembly and the very seldom found screwcutting attachment complete with a separate top slide - this having the Carden drive shaft, a set of changewheels and a screwcutting chart. Also included are collets, two 3-jaw chucks, tailstock rotating centre, Morse centres, the correct headstock bearings adjustment spanner, turning tools and a number of other small items. £1150. Phone: 07880-722415 (Farnham) Full details of Pultra 15/90 lathes here: http://lathes.co.uk/pultra/page9.html



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