For Sale: Sharp Universal Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine

Sharp Universal Vertical and Horizontal Milling Machine. In perfect condition and full working order. Backgeared for gear-driven low speeds when horizontal milling and fitted with variable-speed drive using a 3-phase .55 kw motor controlled by a VFD (replacing the original .3KW single-phase motor which is included). This drive system has transformed the miller by making it bi-directional with speed controlled by just turning a knob. Table 16'' x 4.5'' with two T-slots able to be swung 25° in either direction from central. 12'' of longitudinal travel, 4.5'' of cross and 10.5'' vertically. The feed-screws are 10 t.p.i. Acme form, run through generously-sized bronze nuts and are fitted with dull-plated micrometer dials of a respectable size; the table's top surface is ground finished. Both horizontal and vertical spindles are No. 2 Morse taper and run in taper-roller bearings. Complete with the horizontal attachment that I've used very successfully for cutting gears. The 3 collets are MT2 (1/4 , 3/8 & 1/2 inch) which fit onto the Myford-standard threaded nose of the spindle. There is also an assortment of adaptors to bolt things down including home-made T-nuts. I acquired this versatile but compact milling machine about eight years ago from a colleague's father who was downsizing his property. He had purchased the machine from new and the sales brochure is with the machine. He used it for model engineering, building scale steam engines. He'd not worked it hard and looked after it with great care - and in my eight years of ownership I've tried to do the same. It complimented my Myford ML7 perfectly and these machines started my engineering hobby.  Details of this machine and its specification can be found here:


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