Sold: Simonet Precision Swiss Capstan Lathe

Simonet Precision Swiss Capstan Lathe. This is a high-quality, Swiss-made compact machine of Myford/Boxford size in full working order. It's driven by a 2-speed, reversible 3-phase motor (complete with a 3-phase variable-speed inverter) through an intermediate 2-speed gearbox with integral countershaft fitted with a 3-step pulley that gives 24 spindle speeds. It has very substantial headstock bearings (and a T-slot above the front bearing that allows the fitting of a tool slide). The lathe is mounted on an adapted Myford ML8 cabinet stand fitted with castors for ease of movement -  the original cast iron stand (seriously heavy) is available if wanted. The reason for using another stand is that the original, while providing rigid support, offered precious little storage space. The 6-station capstan/turret is auto indexing and has the usual stops to limit stroke. The lathe comes with various simple capstan tooling (it takes tooling with ¾ inch shanks, but I have found 5/8 inch shank tools can be sleeved-up with seamless steel tubing suitably machined - some is supplied - and works just as well.) I used it solely for making brass knurled nuts and that is the tooling shown (note – the knurling tool shown is incorrect – the correct one by C.Taylor of Birmingham is shown separately). It has a lever-operated cut-off slide with the original rear toolpost and a modified Myford rear toolpost at the front. Fitted with lever-operated collet closer and it comes with an extensive range of Imperial collets (Brown and Sharpe, Murad, Crawford, Hardinge) mainly for rounds but with some squares and some hexagons, plus a box full of duplicates and another box with various drill holders. Apologies for the overall views photos – could not get far enough back to get decent shots and the background clutter has (mostly) been edited out! Located in Sheffield – collection only. £950 or offers. For more information etc. contact

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