Sold: Smart and Brown Model M Precision Toolroom Lathe

Smart and Brown Mk.1 Model M backgeared, screwcutting precision toolroom lathe 4" x 18" with power cross feed and coolant - probably manufactured between 1946-47. The lathe is used frequently and is almost completely original even to the factory-fitted single-phase drive motor and switchgear (the leather drive belt if not the first fitted, is ancient). I've replaced the coolant pump with an alternative as the original was unserviceable. A note of caution: the lathe does not have any modern safety stops or cut-outs. It's complete with a fixed steady, 3-jaw chuck, 4-jaw chuck, a full set of imperial collets, 4-way toolpost, most, but not all, of the screwcutting changewheel set and a light unit. Details of Smart & Brown Model M lathes here



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Keighley West yorks
United Kingdom
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