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For Sale: A superb model of a Barnes lathe

For Sale: a 1/6 scale copy of a Barnes No.13 backgeared and screwcutting lathe. This superb example of the model-makers art was built eight years ago by the top machinist Al Osterman -now deceased. There are only a few machine-tool models built by Al, every one of the highest quality, with his background and machines featured in The Internet Craftsmanship Museum. Al sold only consignment and estimated a one-year delivery for the lathe shown - which I was offered the rare opportunity to purchase - the only finished one in his shop. Price was based, in 2012, on 750 hours of his time at a very modest $12.50 per hour. I don't know how many lathes he made but, based upon conversations with him - and taking into account Alfred’s declining health, I would estimate at fewer than five. Alfred made every part of this lathe himself and was proud that he used only iron and steel in its construction to honor the original Barnes 13 - an example of which had owned and used for accurate dimensions. US$5000. Can pack securely and ship worldwide at cost. In addition to the pictures below, a full set of can be found here - click on each one for a full-size picture. For further information please email John at jcmaki.maki@gmail.com Details of full-size Barnes lathes are here




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