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Landis Lund

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: L19X

Landis Lund Precimax a set of four detailed catalogues (with detailed and useful annotated photographs of the controls) showing the Models MPA, MPB, MPO, MPH, UPH, UPJ, HUP, UK, RS20, RS25, RS30, SP, SV, VRS, 2R, 3R, 2R Universal, 3R Universal and the 3RH. 68 pages.

Print code: M400K

LUND (Landis Lund) Model MPO Plain Cylindrical Grinder. Instruction Book with Parts as Sectional Drawings.

Print code: ML400JUK

LUND (Landis-LUND) Model UK Universal Swing-Head Grinding Machine: Operator's Instruction
and Maintenance Manual with Parts Manual as Sectional Drawings. £75

Print code: ML400L

LUND (Landis Lund) Wheel Profile Dressing Attachment - Instructions for Setting and Operating. This assembly was used on the Models MPL, MPM, MPH, MPJ, MPB and MPA

Print code: ML400M

LUND (Landis Lund) Tymcizer Automatic Sizing Equipment (automatically controls the "spark-out" time, that is, between end of the weelhead infeed and resetting of the wheelhead to the start position. Operator's Instructions

Print code: ML400N

LUND (Landis Lund) Type 3L CNC CAM 800 Series Grinding Machine. Huge Operator's Manual. (Stored FC7-D2)

Print code: ML4XX

Landis Type 5R Fully Automatic Crankpin Grinder with Microtronic Feed. Operator's Manual

Print code: ML5C

 Landis No. 3 Pinner 60 Grinder. Electrical Manual (Circuit diagrams).

Print code: ML5D

Landis Microtronic Feed Multi-Wheel Grinder, Crank Pin Grinder and Line Grinder. Electronics Manual. 2nd Edition for Mk.2 Feed Systems. Original or Reproduction available (or the original phone 01298-871633).