Model: V1

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Manuals for Model: V1

Print code: MP5

Pallas Vertical Miller Model V1. Basic Instruction Manual and a collection of Pallas Advertising Literature showing the various vertical and horizontal models.

Print code: MW255B

Heckert (WMW) Vertical Miller Model FSS 400 x 1600/V1. The FSS 400 x 1600 was a model in the Series FW and FU315, FW400, FW400V and FW400V1. The Instructions relating directly to the FSS-400 were contained in a Supplementary Publication and these cover the basic Installation, Instruction Maintenance Manual with a number of useful Sectional Drawings including Spindle Brake, Vertical Head, clutches, anti-backlash nut, gearing layout, etc. The manual therefore also contains the information issued for the FW and FU series machines.