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Hobbymat & Prazimat lathe top-slide casting. Out of stock


Hobbymat Prazimat


MD65 SD300

OUT OF STOCK - BUT we do have some used but perfect CROSS SLIDES that can be used as-is or easy to shorten (same price): Hobbymat MD65 and Prazimat SD300 lathe top-slide casting. Please Note: These new slides have 5 tapped holes along their right-hand face and fit all but the very early lathes - these had 7 tapped holes and a quite different angle fitting to the base. Please do check that this new slide is suitable for your lathe.

Note: The slide  is supplied fully machined and with tapped holes for the gib-strip screws. The holes for the end plate are not drilled and tapped - once assembled with its screw the plate is attached and the exact position for the holes can be marked, the holes drilled and tapped. This ensures absolute accuracy of assembly. The slide is not supplied with the toolpost, micrometer dial, feed-screw, end plate or any other parts.

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