GF (George Fischer) KDM-11 and KDM-18 Instruction and Service Manual


GF (George Fischer)



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  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams

Instruction and Service Manual for the GF (George Fischer) KDM-11 and KDM-18 copying lathes.

Includes sections on:

  1. Specification and Installation
  2. Copying possibilities and capacity
  3. General View
  4. Copying slide and carriage, feeds, tool holders, feed halving, skip feed, reverse engaging stroke
  5. Tailstock
  6. Oil and hydraulics
  7. Template setting, design and manufacture
  8. Operation
  9. Internal copy turning
  10. Tools
  11. Electrical equipment
  12. Supplementary equipment
  13. Three-cut recycling device and hand-operated swivelling template holder
  14. Automatic spindle speed change

Includes an extra manual for the 'HEA' Hydraulic Multi-tool Infeed Attachment, which includes electricals, diagrams and instructions for setting, use and adjustment.


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