Archdale Full-range Catalogue Circa 1930s-1940s





Machine types: 

Borer, Drill, Gear Machine, Milling Machine, Miscellaneous, Shaper / Planer


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ARCHDALE Full-range Catalogue Circa 1930s-1940s: Radial-Arm drills, Heavy-duty drills, Production drills, Multi-head drills, All-gear Drills, Sensitive Universal Adjustable Multi-spindle Drills, Medium and Heavy-duty Type Universal Multi-spindle Drills, Hydraulic Multi-spindle drills, 6-spindle cylinder boring machine, 4-spindle Fixed centre Hydraulic Cylinder Boring Machine, 74-spindle Vertical Hydraulic Drill, Automatic Cam Feed Unit Drilling Machines, Duplex Hydraulic Piston Drilling & Reaming Machines, 18-inch, 20-inch, 28-inch, horizontal Milling Machines, 24-inch Automatic production Milling Machine, 36-inch, 48-inch & 54-inch Duplex Automatic Manufacturing Milling Machines, 18-inch, 24-inch & 30-inch Vertical Millers, Automatic Horizontal Cam & Profile Milling Machine, Motor Driven Thread Milling Machine, etc. Many other Archdale catalogues are available;


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