Binns & Berry Lathes Late-models Catalogues: Trident, Gemini, Geminis, Data-90, Data 1000, Data 2000 & Data 3000

Binns & Berry GEMINI AND "GEMINIS" lathes (Spanish built) Medium Series GE-650, GE-870 and GE-970. Semi-Heavy Series GE-1200N, GE-1200E and GE-1400. Series 1200 GE-1200N, GE-1200E and GE-1400. Heavy Series GE-1800 and GE-2000.  Parallel Precision Lathes GE-500, GE-650, GE-1200/25, GE-870 and GE-1200/25 Special, Data 900, Data 1000, Data 2000 & Data 3000. Sales & Technical Specification CATALOGUES 69 pages in total.


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