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Fellows All-models Catalogue

Fellows Gear Company. All-models Catalog with details of Gear Cutters, Inspection Instruments,
Special Attachments and Cutting and Shaving Tools. Models include 3-inch Fine-pitch Gear Shaper, No. 4GS Gear Shaper, 7-type Gear Shaper- No 7125, 7A-type Gear shaper – No 7125A, 7-Type Side-Trimming Gear Shaper,  7A-type Side-Trimming Gear Shaper,  7 & 7A-type Automatic Indexing Gear Shapers, Horizontal Z-model Gear Shaper, No.12 Gear Shaper, No.10 Rotary Gear Shaper, 6A-type Gear Shaper, 6A3-type Gear Shaper, 36-type Gear Shaper, 100-Inch & 120-Inch Gear Shapers, No.12GH2 Heliglide Gear Hobbing Machine, No.3-60 Rack Shaper, No.4T Thread Generator, No.6T Hourglass Thread Generator,  No.4 Fine-Pitch Gear Shaving Machine, No.8 “Full-Tool” Gear Shaving Machine, No.8 Internal Gear Shaving Machine, No.12 Gear Shaving Machine, No.18 Gear Shaving Machine, No.24 Gear Shaving Machine, LS-type Gear Lapping Machines, No.4B Gear Burnishing Machine, No.65 Helical Cutter Sharpening Machine, No.8M Red Liner, No. 20M Red Liner, No.4 Fine Pitch Red Liner, No.12M Involute Measuring Instrument, No.24M Measuring Instrument, No. 12H Lead Measuring Instrument, No. 24H Lead Measuring Instrument, Nos. 12C &12CT Inspection Instruments,  Nos. 12R, 12CR, & 12CTR Inspection Instruments, Reversing Attachment,  Rack Cutting Attachment, Face-gear Cutting Attachment, Automatic Magazine Attachment,  Work Elevating Attachment,  Deburring Attachment, Honing Attachment,  Gear Shaving Machine Chamfering Attachment, Automatic Loading Attachment,  Spur Cutter Sharpening Fixture and Shaving Tools and Master Gears. 20 pages.


All manuals are scanned at high resolution and supplied as a top-quality print, bound and on a superior 129g paper.

Unless otherwise stated, all manuals are in English. We ship world-wide to all destinations.

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