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MonoLathe DuoLathe

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ManSon Lathes Data Set: Includes a 4-page sales folder for the original ManSon Lathe; a second 4-page folder for the original version; a third 4-page folder for the original model; a 4-page sales folder for the Master Lathe; a 4-page sales sheet for the DuoLathe; a single-page sales sheet for the MonoLathe; the Instructions Sheet; a single-page magazine advertisement for the original lathe; a Manson Post Card, all the text from my detailed articles on the Mansion at, and 25 pages of accurately dimensioned sketches of every part that makes up the original lathe - including the contents of the accessory kit - from which any component could be manufactured. The materials, construction methods (e.g. swaged) and finishes are also recorded but, please note, that these are sketches, not engineering drawings.


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