CVA Toolroom Lathe - Complete Data Pack Manual


Cole CVA Kearney & Trecker Lodge & Shipley


1 1A

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  • Operators Manual
  • Maintenance Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Catalog

CVA Precision lathe Models1 and 1A as seen here in their various forms: Operating and Maintenance Instructions (sometimes found branded CVA, Coles, Kearney & Trecker and Lodge & Shipley). Every known piece of operation, maintenance and sales literature about these fine lathes is included.
Three manuals in one: early and lathe editions and an additional, simpler edition - almost certainly the complete set published by CVA that covers all types.
Also included is a comprehensive 41-page set of CVA Sales & Technical Specification literature.
The manuals contain, among other things, highly detailed and comprehensive screwcutting instructions and charts (the latter enlarged from the too-small original), Installation instructions, Lubrication requirements and oil types from different makers (of the period), operation Instructions, basic adjustments, general descriptions, detailed specification, electrical equipment, wiring diagram, Additional Equipment, Special Equipment, annotated photographs of the controls, etc. Details of these superb lathes are here:


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