Colchester Bantam Lathe Mk.1 Operation, Maintenance & Parts Manual


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Bantam Mk.1

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COLCHESTER Bantam Mk. 1 all-models - Instruction and Maintenance Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual as very clear Exploded Diagrams. Electrical Diagrams, screwcutting and screwcutting conversion charts, screwcutting instructions to obtain pitches not on the gearbox chart,  a copy of the rare "Standard Accuracy Chart" and the maker's interesting Specification, Sales and Specification and Accessories Brochure. This is the original Model of the geared-head Bantam with the two spindle-speed control levers on top of the headstock and marked with either 800 or 1600 rpm top speed. Perfect pictures and diagrams.
This manual is also available in German Pictures of the lathe here:


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