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Hofmann Dividing Heads/Rotary Tables. Instructions and Comprehensive Charts and Tables for the operation of the Type "UTH" (with division plates and gear) and the R, RI, RD, RDI Models. Includes a 20-page comprehensive Hoffman Sales & Specification catalogue showing the DTH, HTH, HTH(A), UTH, HG, HTG, TSH-100, D, MT-125/3, Z, ZT, VTS, VTS+BV, VTSA-200, HMTH, UMTH, UMTHS, MTS, ABS, ABL, EMT-100/1, EMT-150/2, EMT-160/1, EMT-180/3, ETW/125-5, ETW/125-2, ETW, SETW/125, DT, DT(A), HTHD, ANC-240, NCT, HTH/NC, STH-Round, STH-Square, RH-10, RHI, RDI, WR, HPR/M, HPRS/M, RMDSUP, EMS, HDR (A,B,C), HDRM, WHDR, HPRD(A), HPRD(B), HPRSD(A), HPRSD(B), HPRSD(C), HPRSD(D), HPRSD(D), RNC, WRNC, HPR(NC), WHPR/NC,HPRS/NC and WRMH


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