Kearney and Trecker S Series (S-12 & S-15) Maintenance Manual


Kearney and Trecker


S-12 S-15 S-Type Millers

Machine types: 

Milling Machine


  • Maintenance Manual
  • Electrical Diagrams
  • Technical Drawings
  • Other

KEARNEY and TRECKER S-12 and S-15 Milling Machines Maintenance Manual with Dismantling Instruction Guides as written instructions with diagrams and exploded-component drawings. Includes Hydraulic, Lubrication and electrical Schematics. These millers were made in various forms; Plain Horizontal, Universal, Vertical and Ram Types, with a number of different table sizes (S-12, S-15, etc.) and with differing Model Designations depending upon the year of manufacture. Maintenance Manual with Dismantling Instruction Guides as Exploded Component Drawings. Includes 2 electrical wiring diagrams, 12 hydraulic circuit diagrams with expected pump (and other) pressures listed together with the spindle, column and lubrication pressure adjustments explained,. Includes a lubrication schematic.


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