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SCRIPTA Tool and Cutter Grinders. A Data Pack consisting of two Manuals, one for the Scripta AL34 and the other for the Scripta type that was almost identical to the Deckel SO and SOE Types. Includes all data for the Scripta and all for the Deckel models as well - early and late manuals for the simpler model SO together with the full Manual for the more complex and versatile SOE. Also included is the special Deckel publication "Notes on Disassembly and Reassembly - Spare Parts (as sectional Drawings)", a copy of the Deckel comprehensive Sales and Accessories Catalogue and all the extracts from the Deckel Technical Bulletins that dealt with these machines. Very comprehensive instructions include cutter profiles, tool angles, cutting speeds, how to grind back rack angles, pointed cutters, tapered cutters, twist-drill grinding attachment, single lip cutters, grinding straight-toothed cylindrical or tapered two-lip or three-tooth cutters
with concentric or off-centre radii. etc. English text.


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