Polycord & Volta Round Belts - the genuine material (Solid Round Plastic Belting)

Genuine "Polycord" and Volta belts make an excellent, long-life application for hard-worked machines - from models through engravers to small lathes and millers such as the BCA jig borer, etc. Our solid, round plastic belting is made in either Switzerland or the EU and is of the very best quality.
The minimum order is a 1-meter length (1000 mm) but, of course, we can produce much shorter belts down to 140 mm long using a jigged joint and heat weld. Or, it's possible to do the job yourself with, for example, a hot knife or temperature-controlled soldering iron fitted with a flat end (an instruction sheet is provided).
Initial prices are given per meter with a joining fee of £3 + VAT. If you require several joined short belts it's best to phone 01298-871633 from 09:00 to 23:00 as we can combine material lengths, make several belts out of one length, etc., and so save you money.
For hollow round belts Click HERE.

The initial price is given per metre. Enter the required length below and click 'Get quote'.

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