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Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MB920

Burgmaster (Newhall-Burgmaster) Model 25 CHT Tape controlled turret drilling, tapping, boring, facing and milling machine. Installation, Operator's Instruction and Maintenance Manual. Includes Warner Electric Stationary Field Clutches Manual.

Print code: MB920A

Burgmaster OB Bench Model Drilling and Tapping Machine. Service Manual with Exploded Components Parts Section.

Print code: MB920B

Burgmaster (Burgmaster-Houdaille) 1-D and 1-DL (also covers the main elements of the 1-DP and 1-DC electric-feed version) Bench Model Turret Drilling and Tapping Machine: Installation, Operator's Instruction, Maintenance and Servicing Manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes a copy of the maker's Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue.

Print code: MB920C

Burgmaster 2-DC (Burgmaster-Houdaille) Automatic Turret Drilling and Tapping Machine: Installation, Operation, Maintenance and Servicing Manual. Includes a sub-manual for the "Schrader Bellows" Rotary Table Feed.

Print code: MB920CD

Burgmaster Econ-O-Centre 11-25, 11-30 and 1130L Machining Centre. Programming Manual.

Print code: MB920E

Strippit Super 30/30 Hole Punching & Notching Machine. All known data consisting of two Operation & Maintenance Manuals - early and late - together with an electrical schematic and a copy of the Fabricator Tooling Catalogue.

Print code: MB921A

Burgmaster 2B and 2BL Drilling and Tapping Machine. Operator's Instruction and Service Manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings.