Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MC400

CORONET MAJOR, MINOR, MINORETTE, ELF (including the late-model Elf sold as a "Record", CONCORD, CONSORT, (etc) planers, bandsaws, sawbenches, etc.
A complete data pack compendium for Coronet products consisting of:

Print code: MC400A

Coronet Minor / Minorette / Elf and the "Ten-in-one" based on these models: a special data pack with all published information including a copy of a very interesting booklet: "Wood Working & Wood Turning on Coronet Universal and Independent Machines".

Print code: MC400B

Coronet and Record Woodturning lathes Data Pack. These twin-bar bed lathes were produced in a variety of Models, all very similar and given a range of marketing names. This pack covers all types marketed as, originally, the Coronet No.0, No. 1, No.2 and No. 3 (twin bar-bed style) and then as the Record CL0, CL1, CL2, CL3, CL4, etc.  A complete compendium of all known Instruction Sheets (basic), Assembly Instructions, Parts Diagrams, Changings Belts, Sales & Accessories Catalogues, etc.

Print code: MC400C

Coronet Consort Universal Woodworker. Maker's Assembly and Instruction Manual with exploded component diagrams.

Print code: MR58

Record Wood Lathes: Model CLO Operator's Instruction Manual and Illustrated Parts Manual with maker's comprehensive Sales and Specification and Accessories Catalogue (also sold as the Coronet No.0).

Coronet Parts

Drive belt for late-models Coronet Elf, Minor, Minorette wood lathes. High-quality UK or EU-manufactured

Coronet Major Lathe V-belt. The correct section UK or EU-made V-type drive belt.
This is the belt for the earlier Coronet Major - the later Model had a "Poly-V" belt - flat...