David Dowling

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: D176

DOWLING Machine Tools. Not a manual but a useful Catalogue collection comprising: Model 242 Pantograph Engraver, Model 303 Bench Panel Pantograph Engraver,  Model 713 Pantograph Engraving Machine, Model 848 Pantograph Engraving Machine, Engraving Cutter Grinder Model 595,  Bench Type Swivelling Head Tool & Cutter Grinder, Models 858A and 595 Engraving Cutter Grinders, Model 858 Engraving Cutter Grinder, Universal Tool & Cutter Grinder, Model C Tapping Machine, Type faces Illustrations. 21 pages

Print code: MD425

Dowling (David Dowling) Model 242 Pantograph Engraver, Die Sinking and Copy Milling Machine. Operating Instructions with maker's Sales and Specification Catalogue.

Print code: MD425B

DOWLING (David Dowling) Pantograph Engravers/Die Sinkers & Engraving Cutter Grinders. Models 242, 595, 848 and 848A. Collection of Operation Manuals and Sales & Technical Specification Catalogues.

Print code: MD425C

Dowling (David Dowling) Model H-7 Universal Gear Hobber. Operator's & Setter's Manual. Includes instructions for adjusting the index worm and wheel, the hobs and hobbing head positioning.