Eichler & Co.

Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: R252A

ROSCHER and EICHLER WEST (Eichler and Co.) Milling Machines Types FE-0, FE-1, FE-1A, FE-11, FE-111, FE-111S, FE-1VS, FE-Vs, FU-0, FU-1, FU-1a, FU-11, Fv-11, FU-111s, FV-111s, FU-1Vs, FU-1Vs and FU-VS . One 6-page catalogue in French and one 2-page in German. General Specification Catalogue. 8 Pages. Another two pages are included for the Horizontal Models Feor, Fuor, Feir, Fuir, Feiir, Fuiir E-111, the vertical VO, V1, V111 and V1V, U-111, E-IV, U-1V, and the St.1 and V.St.R slotters.