Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: MH12DF

The Feeler FTS-27 in its "Second-operation", "Capstan" and "Plain-turning Precision" forms was a copy of the Hardinge DSM-59.

Print code: MH12DF

Hardinge DSM-Five-nine, DSM Five-nine, DSM Five-nine R, VBS and VBS-R  (also applying to the HSL-Five-nine short-bed version) & Feeler FTS-27 Parts manual as Detailed Sectional Drawings.










Print code: MH13A

Hardinge HLV-H (and TFB-H Production version) Detailed Maintenance Manual with dismantling Instructions and a copy of the maker's test chart. Full 51-page version.
Also covers the Feeler FTL-618 - a copy of the HLV-H.

Print code: MH13B

Hardinge HLV-H Operator's Detailed Instruction Manual with screwcutting charts. Full 65-page version - also covers the Feeler FTL-618 (and other Taiwanese machines) that were copies of the Hardinge HLV-H.

Print code: MH13C

Hardinge HLV-H Illustrated Parts Manual. This edition also includes details of the dual English/metric machine.
Also covers the Feeler FTL-618, which was a copy of this machine.