Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: 160A

GORTON Vertical and Universal Millers. Range Catalogue 1963 12 pages.

Print code: G160

GORTON Vertical and Universal Millers. Range Catalog 1961 16 pages.

Print code: G160B

GORTON Vertical Miller "Mastermil" Catalogue (1964) 16 pages

Print code: G160C

GORTON Machine Tools General Catalogue: Milling, Profiling, Duplicating, Die Sinking,
Engraving and Special Machines. 12 pages.

Print code: G160D

GORTON 2.30 Vertical Milling Machine. Sales and Technical Specification Catalog. 14 pages.

Print code: G160E

GORTON Die and Mold Duplicators. A superb catalog with comprehensive details of machines and many pictures of work examples produced. 30 pages.

Print code: G160F

GORTON 8-D and 81/2 Duplicating Machines. Sales & Technical Specification Catalog. 8 pages.

Print code: G160G

GORTON Pantograph Engravers and Tool & Cutter Grinders. Sales & Technical Specifcation Catalogue with comprehensive details of the models sold during the 1950s and 1960s. Covers the Types P1-2 (formerly the 3-U), 3-Z.

Print code: MG650

Gorton 2-30 Trace-Master: Maintenance Manual and Exploded Assembly Diagrams Parts Manual.

Print code: MG650A

Gorton 1-22 Mastermil Operator's handbook.

Print code: MG650B

Gorton 1-22 Mastermil Maintenance Manual.

Print code: MG650C

Gorton 1-22 Mastermil Repair Parts Manual

Print code: MG650D

Gorton 8-D, 81/2-D & 9J "Super-speed" Vertical Milling Machines. Operation & Maintenance Manual with Parts as Sectional Drawings. Includes lubrication, adjustments, instructions on how to set up work, data on cutters for die and mold work, grinding single-flute Gorton cutters and cutter speed charts, etc.

Print code: MG650E

GORTON 265 Tool & Cutter Grinder. Operation Manual.