Manuals and Catalogues

Print code: H440

HEINEMANN (Gebruder Heinemann) Shapers: Late Model Machines from the 1960s showing the Types K350S, K500S, K700S, and K850S. Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue with historical introduction. 16 pages.

Print code: H440A

HEINEMANN (Gebruder Heinemann) 1930s Lathes and Shapers with lathes types D170, D200, F200, R16/22, RH1, RH2, RH2R, RH3R, RN1, RN2R RN3R, RNV3R, R40, R50, R60, and Shapers S200, S300, S400 and S600.  Sales and Technical Specification Catalogue. 16 pages in English, French and German.